Siberian Cedar

Sibiřský cedr

Cedar is one of the most beautiful and majestic trees of Siberia. During many centuries the material and spiritual culture of people, who lived beyond the Urals, has been closely connected with a cedar.

It was called "the Siberian giant" and "a treasured treeť, "a cow-tree" and "a mother-tree". For many of us the cedar was and now is the tsar of taiga, a miracle-tree, the patriarch of the Siberian woods. There is no doubt that Siberian cedar is the national pride and wealth of Russia.

Cedar is the supporter and the healer. Inhabitants of the Urals, Siberia, and the north of Europe knew about curative property of a cedar and for centuries used it for treatment of many illnesses. They used needles to prepare vitamin drinks, gum (pitch) to treat wounds and apostemes, cedar nutlets to produce the most valuable vegetable oil which except for nutritious has also a number of curative qualities. "Lenten milk", which was prepared of kernels of nutlets, was applied to treatment of a tuberculosis of lungs, diseases of kidneys, nervous breakdowns. Unlike travelers and inhabitants of the western part of Russia the local population of Siberia never suffered of scurvy.

Special interest to cedars has arisen at the end of the 20-th century. That was the time when people became tired of a continuous stress, struggle against diseases, environmental problems.

There are for about 600 kinds of coniferous plants in the world. The most important and representative family is pine: pines, fur-trees, firs and larches. The Siberian cedar also belongs to this family , the botanists call it Siberian cedar pine. This evergreen tree reaches 35-40 m in height and up to 1,8 m in diameter, a trunk of a straight line, equal. The seeds of cedar are its nutlets. Nutlets, instead of nuts as the last are formed at floral plants, and the cedar has no flowers. 26 months pass from the birth of a gentle bud at the top of a spray to ripe nutlets in a cone.

Cedar forests were cut down from the time of pharaohs; Phoenicians built galleys, tsar Solomon ordered to construct the fleet of a cedar wood. At his stay the well-known temple in Jerusalem - the first house of a name of the Lord was built, to which the Ark was carried and covered inside with boards made of cedar. The altar has been also made of cedar and covered with gold. Cedrus is exclusively thermophilic, as it only grows in subtropics of the Crimea and the Caucasus . Siberian cedar grows on foggy mountains and plains from near the Urals and up to the Far East. It is a mountain wood breed by its ecological nature, as well as its Lebanese cedars. The Siberian cedar adapts to various climatic and soil conditions; it can grow on bogged soil, undemanding to heat, loves damp air.

Druids - ancient Celtic priests - had a profound knowledge about the nature of trees, their connection with people and space. They correlated destinies of people directly to lives and features of trees. Possessing the knowledge of biological power properties of trees, priests widely applied them in their medical practice. Undoubtedly, trees are real tanks of energy. As a result of photosynthesis in green parts of plants the carbohydrates rich with energy are formed, and oxygen is liberated.
Sibiřský cedr

But the process of photosynthesis is impossible without participation of solar energy in it. Plants receive energy of space and transform it, bringing life to our planet. The cedar is singled out from among many trees-healers. These properties of a cedar were mentioned in the Bible. So, in The Third Book of Moses, called Leviticus, God teaches priests to treat people. From all plants only the cedar tree is mentioned in some parts of the book as curing and cleaning (including from a leprosy). But what is this energy, where did it come from and for whom is it intended? The cedar - long-liver, lives for 550 years, some books mention 800-years trees. During all this time millions of its needles catch the radiation from space, which was generated by people.

The person in a condition of love radiates light energy which is capable to create the worlds, the speed of its moving in the universe is inaccessible to any device. An instant is enough for it to reach the planets that then reflect this radiation though not all its spectrum. Only blessed radiation is reflected. Day and night the cedar accepts this radiation and accumulates it in itself. When there is a lack of this energy in space or in all alive on the Earth, the cedar gives it. This energy is capable to cure both soul and body; this opinion is mentioned in folk medicine, and supported by many scientists. Some time ago the folk medicine was the only accessible to those, who consciously refused chemotherapy and synthetic medicine. Plants contain substances, which are capable to recover health and functional balance of a human's organism. They render a certain influence on alive cells and tissues. Thus producing harmonious connections with all processes occurring both in an organism as a whole, and in each separate cell. The power of the Siberian cedars is especially great: in the opinion of some authoritative researchers, salutary properties of a cedar are especially high in the north. Surviving in extreme conditions, the beautiful and mighty, Siberian cedar during many years produces and preserves many biogenic stimulators that increase immunity and perniciously act against the causative agents of various diseases. The spectral analysis shows, that this tree produces the greatest set of biologically active substances, macro-and microcells.

Nutlets are the true treasure among the gifts of a cedar forest. All the force of a cedar, which it gives to its posterity, is concentrated in them. Nutritious and flavoring qualities of nutlets are very high, and the products produced from nutlets, on caloric content, assimilability and other parameters surpass analogues of an animal origin. The local population from century to century uses cedar nutlets as a foodstuff. It is counted up, that if to collect and process an annual yield of cedar nutlets, this amount will be enough to satisfy the global requirement for vegetable oil. On nutritious qualities cedar oil surpasses sunflower seed oil, dairy butter and does not concede olive oil. Cedar oil was produced in the Urals and Siberia for a long time. In the XIX century cedar oil could be bought at any Siberian fair. It was made mainly in house conditions and handicraft way. Cedar oil can be produced by cold pressing. Such oil is more appreciated both on caloric content, and on the curative qualities. The taste of cedar oil is pleasant; it can have a light yellow or golden-amber color, remarkable nut aroma. Such oil is applied in medicine, perfumery, in manufacture of varnishes, paints, etc. Before the beginning of treatment and also to feel the true taste of cedar oil, a person should clear the body of chemical waste, refuse cigarettes and alcohol and even keep the fast for three days. According to researches, a kernel of a nutlet contains up to 64 % of fat and 19 % of nitrogenous substances.

Carbohydrates make 15 %. Nutritious and curative properties of nutlets are explained by qualitative structure of fats, fibers and others substances. Fat of cedar nutlets differs from other fats because of the high contents of fat polynonsaturated acids, especially linoleic acid. Fibers of cedar nutlets have high contents of amino acids, and arginine prevails among them - up to 20 %. This amino acid is extremely important for development of a growing organism, therefore cedar nutlets are obligatory in a diet of children, teenagers, pregnant women . Fibers of nutlets are very digestible. Cedar nutlets are valuable bearers of fat-splitting vitamins: "Е", "F". Vitamins of group "E", or tocopherols, are very important and irreplaceable for maintenance of a proper heredity. In translation from Greek, "tocopherol" means Ť I bear posterity ť. In case of lack of an organism of vitamin Е the balance fat will be broken. Vitamin C is responsible for formation of milk in feeding mothers, and at its lack the lactation stops. Predisposition of some people to an atherosclerosis can also mean a vitamin E insufficiency. Cedar nutlets also contain the complex of vitamins "B". They normalize the activity of the nervous system, salutary influence the growth and development of a human, improve the structure of blood. Young wolves during change of a dairy teeth eat cedar nutlets with pleasure . Predators use nutlets, no less than herbivorous animals. Nutlets are fine means against the vitamin B avitaminosis, which causes a heavy frustration in the activity of an organism. Kernels of cedar nutlets have valuable minerals and are rich with microcells. Cedar nutlets are a rich source of iodine. Scientists have established that 100 grams of cedar nutlets a day is enough to satisfy a daily need of an organism of the adult person in amino acids and such important and scarce microcells, as copper, cobalt, manganese, zinc. Nutlets are completely digestible.


Sibiřské zdraví In folk medicine the cedar oil is a remarkable therapeutic agent against tuberculosis, atherosclerosis, hypertension. A constant use of cedar nutlets helps to recover from various skin diseases, including cancer, eczema, furuncles and so forth. Cedar oil greased on skin helps to cure eczema, psoriasis, diathesis, xerodermia.

Cedar oil, cream and milk are useful at diseases of blood, lymph. At varicose veins it is recommended to eat cedar nutlets, grease veins two times a day with cedar oil, making a light massage by tips of fingers. Cedar oil is more and more often applied in traditional medicine. Tomsk scientists have carried out researches and got the data, which made it possible to draw the conclusion, that cedar oil is well born by patients and can be applied to treatment of alimentary organs diseases. Especially effectively at erosive - ulcer lesions of a stomach and a duodenal gut. It can be applied at the most acute stages of the disease to produce an anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing action. In Tomsk scientific research institute of balneology and physiotherapy and in the scientific research institute of oncology ("TNC") a number of researches were carried out. The aim was to track the development of medical techniques for treatment of the patients operated in occasion of a cancer of a stomach in various postoperative terms and the use of cedar oil at stages of rehabilitation. This research has been carried out to study the treatment-and-prophylactic action of cedar oil in the group of the people, who took part in Chernobyl atomic power station breakdown elimination in 1986-1987.

The group included patients with the evident post - Chernobyl syndrome. Prevailing complaints were: undue fatigability and infringement of working capacity in the second half of day, troubled slumber, frequent psychological and nervous breakdowns, periodic headaches. The course of treatment lasted from 30 up to 40 days and included daily intake of cedar oil in the form of 50 % milk emulsion. All the patients have noticed an improvement of the general well-being, increase of the working capacity, essential stabilization of nervous system, normalization of slumber. Headaches have either disappeared or became less expressed. Favorable action is noted and from gastrointestinal tract - the symptoms of a gastritis practically disappeared. The work of intestines was normalized. There was also an interesting fact, that during the time while this medicine was taken, none of the patients was ill with flu or other ARD. It is necessary to emphasize, that the approved medicamentous means don't help to achieve normalization of a condition in this case.

Being a natural food substance, cedar oil has practically no contra-indications to its application.


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