How to use the oil

How to use the oil - usage and recommended dosage:       
internal application:
Adults:  1 teaspoonful fasting 30-60 minutes before meal:     1-2 times per day – prophylaxis,  2-3 times per day - treatment during 40-60 days.
Children:  starting from 2-3 drops (for babies and toddlers) up to half the dosage according to age.
Sip slowly to have the oil dissolved gradually in saliva and concentrate deeply on its taste and smell. Cedar is a sunny tree and that is the reason to accept the oil in the early morning and in the afternoon.
Gastric and duodenal ulcers and gastritis:     Use 1 teaspoonful of the oil (can be dissolved in milk 1:1) 30 minutes before meal; in the evening 2 hours after the last meal for a 21-day treatment. Repeat after 10 days if necessary.
Seasonal forms of allergic diseases:      Start the treatment 1 month before the expected attack.
WARNING!          People diagnosed with duodeno-gastric reflux  –  NO oil fasting.

No precise dosage is stated as using cedar oil in the form of a natural product is unlimited -  dosage according to the age of the individual, stage of the disease and individual approach to treatment.

external application
during treatment of chemical and thermic burns, cold burns, skin diseases and erosion apply on skin or put on bandages soaked in the oil. Bandages should be changed every second day. It is recommended to use the oil internally at the same time.
Massages using cedar oil removes tiredness, improves peripheral blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, calms down problems with varices of legs, improves skin elasticity. Using cedar oil in saunas and rubbing it into the body surface makes skin look much younger and cures it.
Cosmetic products and masks including cedar oil affect the skin very positively, they supply it with natural vitamins and trace elements/micronutrients, they ensure optimum acido-basic balance, which all together maintains skin elasticity and velvet softness. Cedar oil itself ensures full complex skin treatment, i.e. its cleansing, nutrition, hydration and protection.


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