Therapeutic effect of cedar nuts oil

gastric and duodenal ulcers;

gastritis, pulpitis, intestine atonia, intestines function disorders, enterocolitis, gastritis with lowered acidity, hyperacidity, heartburn and other food intake disorders;

haemal/vascular atherosclerosis both as treatment or prophylaxy in cases of  cholesterol metabolism and arterial pressure impairment, periphery blood vessels spasms, hypotrophy, scleroderma,  hypertonic diseases, blood-related diseases (thrombo-phlebitis, anemia) and myocardium dystrophy;

psoriasis, neurodermatitis and other porokeratosic/ xerodermatic diseases; hair and nails fragility, alopecia (hairlessness);

burns and cold burns, stomatitis, hardly curable wounds and ulcers, trophic ulcers;

allergic excesses of various symptomatology;

laryngitis, tracheobronchitis, lungs tuberculosis and respiratory diseases (influenza, common cold);

diabetes, lipodystrophy, endocrine system disorders, radiation exposure diseases, asthenia;

chronic fatigue syndrome;

neuralgia, neuritis, radiculitis and neural disorders of wider symptomatology;

night blindness/nyctalopia  and photodysphoria, conjunctivitis and sharp eye pain;

diseases of liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis) and reins/kidneys, nephric atrophia, pathological states accompanied by high blood pressure;

for reproduction function.

It limits the cancer cells growth and so it is used prophylaxically and during tumour treatment!
Positive therapeutic effect of our siberian pine nut oil can be seen after regular administration.


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