How to grow Siberian cedar

At fisrt, Siberian pine (cedar) seeds need in stratifaction min.3 months in a cold place at the temperature from–4 to+4°C ( outside, in a box under snow or in a rather deep trench, or in box / a packet with good air circulation in a refrigerator). The seeds are deeped in water for three days, changing water each day and dismissing that seeds, which are at the surface.  The swollen seeds are treated in 0,4% solution of permanganate and mixed with substratum (peat, sand, sawdust, moss) 1:2. It`s important to keep moisture, to provide good drainage and protection from rodents (in the case of cool basement or outside) .
Right before sowing, at the and of April or begining of May, the seeds are devided from substratum and desinfected one day in 0,4% solution of permanganate, then dry up them and sow in a glasshouse or other closed area. It recommended for the best growth. You can add to soil follow ing: superphosphate (1g), potassium fertilizer (0,5g), wood ash (2g), peat (20g) for one linear meter. Sowing norm is 125-150 seeds for 1m2, width between lines is 15-20cm, depth is 3cm. For protection from birds to cover the soil with a 0,5-1cm layer of bark mulch or sawdast. Using of net also has good experience. To weed this area, easy cultivate the soil and irrigate it good for 3-4 times during next 10-12 days. For prevention against mushroom Fusarium use 0,4% solition of permanganate (10 liter for 1m2) 1-3times for the fisrt two weeks, later- if you notice that bearings of the cedar seedlings became red, dry and fall off, use 0,5% solution.
The other way how to grow the cedar seedlings is:
using of individual container (plastic,parer-plastic,peat container),height min.8cm,capacity approx.200-300cm3. At the hulf of April full the container by the peat and sandy-clay soil (1:1), containing mix of granulated superphosphate (50g), potassium salt (25g) and dolomitic limestone (250g) for 10liters of the soil. Store the containers in a glasshouse or other closed place. To wash the cedar seeds after stratification by clean water, to keep them in 0,4% solution of permanganate and then to store the seeds for 7-10days in a damp sand or a fabric for germination.The sprouted seeds are planted with one piece  per a container. To cover the seeds with 1cm layer of peat, sawdust of sand. To pour by 0,5%solution of permanganate (5l for 1m2 of area).Then-just to make good irrigation, weeding, loosening and prevention from Fusarium.
For first two years is good to make cultivation of plants under plastic coating,then on open land and don`t forget about regular watering. Make sure the seedlings are never allowed to become dry! Of course, to hoe, to weed the soil is necessary too; keep the plants from direct sun light.

The planting and transplanting of conifers, including Siberian pine, is permissible only when the ball of earth around the roots is preserved. 2-3years old cedar seedlings are transplanted to a big flowerpots or to a tree school (0,4x0,4m) till them 6-8years old.The permanent place is prepared as follows:
To make a hole in sandy-clay soil bigger then the roat ball for 30%. Is recommended to mix the soil with humus and litter from coniferous forest; you may garnich the hole inside by wooden boards for protection from rodents. To get the plant in a middle of the hole and make the roots spread out, soil poured and packed down, the root neck should be level with the soil. Distance between plants in a line or in a group should be no less then three meters;for a cedar garden - 4x4 or 4x5 meters. Remember that pines,very tolerant of shade in their first years, give the best growth performance in conditions of sufficient illumination. If you will see a wight coating on young cedar shoots (offen in the damp weather), make a treatment by foam of soaps using a sponge or an old soft cloth. In other things, rules of cultivation of siberian pie are the same like for other coniferous trees.
Wish you really enjoy the process of growing of Siberian cedar, it will reward you and your nearest, be sure in it!
Sincerely yours


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